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Adam Amir

Professional Multimedia Outreach

Suraj K. Bajgain

Mineral Physics

Cory Barton

Atmospheric Dynamics

Daniel Carlson

Lagrangian Transport Submesoscale Remote Sensing

Sarvesh Dubey

(850) 644-2232

Atmospheric Modeling

Wu, Fei

Isotope Geochemistry

Heather Holbach

Atmospheric Modeling

Quentin Jamet

Physical Oceanography Air-Sea Interactions

Sudip Jana

(850) 644-2732

Observational Oceanography
Ocean Modeling

Nirupam Karmakar

Climate variability, Indian monsoon and its variability, and extreme rainfall events

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Anne Kellerman

Organic Geochemistry

Ekaterina Maksimova

Physical Oceanography
Continental Shelf and Slope Processes
NSF Postdoctoral Fellow

Dipak Sahu

Mesoscale Meteorological Modeling
Data Assimilation

Gaurav Shukla

Mineral Physics

Sumudu Tennakoon

Temperature and Pressure effects on Elastic Properties of Materials
Resonant Ultrasound Spectroscopy

Theodore Them

Isotope Geochemistry

Natalie Wildermann

Spatial Ecology and Management of Marine Megafauna

Neil Wyatt

Chemical Oceanography

Yueyue Yu

Global Meridional Mass Circulation

Troposhpere-Stratosphere Coupling

Extreme Weather