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Dr. Jeff Chanton

The John Widmer Winchester Professor of Oceanography
Chemical Oceanography
Phone: (850) 644-7493
Office: OSB305

My research focus is fairly broad but follows the focus of either methane and carbon dioxide production, emission and cycling, and/or stable isotope analysis. At this time I am working in six different areas:

  1. Wetlands, looking at permafrost decomposition in the northern boreal zone;
  2. Food webs, learning about trophic relationships in estuaries;
  3. Reducing methane emissions to the atmosphere, designing landfill cover soils which promote the growth of methane-consuming bacteria;
  4. Methane gas hydrates, which some estimate may be a large reservoir of fossil fuel to be mined;
  5. Pine forests, which can be large sinks for excess CO2; and
  6. Groundwater discharge, an overlooked process which is important to the nutrient budgets of coastal waters.

I am also involved in the new Biogeochemical Dynamics Program at FSU. The Biogeochemical Dynamics Program is an interdisciplinary research-oriented, graduate-only program within the FSU College of Arts and Sciences which focuses on environmental biogeochemistry.