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Dr. Jeff Chagnon

Assistant Professor
Ph.D., 2003, Penn State University
Phone: (850) 644-2752
Office: LOV363

Dr. Jeffrey Chagnon is an atmospheric scientist whose research covers a broad range of topics in synoptic and mesoscale meteorology. The overarching aims of his work are to advance our theoretical understanding of weather phenomena and to improve our ability to model and predict the weather. The performance of numerical weather prediction (NWP) systems has improved dramatically in recent decades. Nevertheless, forecasts are beset by errors and biases that are within our capability to fix. A question that has been central to his most recent work is how do clouds interact with the larger organized systems in which they are embedded? For example, in a frontal system, latent heating due to condensation within clouds can drive a circulation that modifies the structure and evolution of the parent frontal system. How precisely is the system modified and do NWP models represent this interaction accurately? Through a combination of theoretical, numerical, and observational analysis techniques, Dr. Chagnon's research is providing answers to these questions.