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Dr. Henry Fuelberg

Synoptic Meteorology
Phone: (850) 644-6466
Office: LOV362

Dr. Fuelberg's research is in the areas of synoptic and mesometeorology. One research project examines the long-range transport of pollutants from wildfires and anthropogenic emissions into the Arctic. The research utilizes in situ data from NASA's DC-8 Flying Laboratory collected during the ARCTAS field project, high resolution WRF and WRF-Chem simulations, and satellite-derived observations. His mesoscale research focuses on lightning. What does lightning tell us about possible changes in hurricane intensity? How can lightning data be used with other information to diagnose severe thunderstorms? How can we better forecast the beginning and end of lightning? Prof. Fuelberg has close ties with the local National Weather Service Forecast Office which is co-located with the EOAS Meteorology Area.