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UROP 2017

EOAS had five undergraduate students participating in the Undergraduate Research Opportunity Program (UROP) this year. The five students conducted research, met with UROP Student Leaders and presented their research at the Undergraduate Research Symposium.  Congratulations to Lizzie Grater (Dr. Robert Spencer), Kariza Hossain (Dr. Mainak Mookherjee), Francesca Lappin (Dr. Henry Fuelberg), Jennifer Magi (Dr. Angela Knapp), and Alan Soroka (Dr. Mariana Fuentes) on this accomplishment.

Teaming Up to Save a River

A unique team of FSU faculty and students is working with concerned citizens to put the spotlight on a critically endangered river ecosystem in Florida. The Apalachicola River Project is an effort at FSU that draws upon the talents of students and faculty from multiple departments, including EOAS Environmental Science and Policy. Jeremy Owens, assistant professor of geology in and adjunct professor Danny Goodard, are leading the capstone class for EOAS.

FSU Technology Tracks the Ocean Current

EOAS associate research scientist Nicolas Wienders, has developed a new technology that can track the oceans’ currents and surface circulation. He invented the Stokes Drifters to track and monitor the ocean currents at the surface. Once deployed, these GPS-equipped, disk-shaped instruments can easily be tracked and help scientists determine the direction of ocean currents. The drifters will transmit time, position and optional data such as temperature and salinity via satellite at programmable intervals.

Dr. Jeff Chanton Named Robert O. Lawton Distinguished Professor

EOAS Professor Dr. Jeff Chanton has been named the Robert O. Lawton Distinguished Professor, the highest honor faculty can bestow on a colleague. To receive this award a facult member is to have achieved true distinction nationally and/or internationally. Only one FSU faculty member each year is granted this high honor, and to have such a prestigious award bestowed on one of our own close colleagues in EOAS is both thrilling and gratifying.

Jezero Crater Mars' Most Popular Scientific Target

Three sites on Mars have been nominated by scientists as their top targets for a NASA rover to be launched in 2020. Once home to an ancient river delta, Jezero crater may have collected and preserved ancient organic molecules that flowed in from beyond the crater’s rim. EOAS Professor Dr. Munir Humayun, who serves on the mission’s return sample science board, said a voyage to Jezero crater, would ultimately show whether or not an early, wet surface could support life.

Rare Jurassic Fossils Discovered

A trove of exceptionally well preserved fossils has been discovered at Ya Ha Tinda Ranch near Banff National Park, and an EOAS researcher was part of the discovery team. Benjamin Gill, a professor at Virginia Tech was talking with Theodore Them, an EOAS Arts & Sciences Fellow postdoc, when he noticed Theodore standing right on top of a lobster. They looked around and discovered fossils all around them, including delicate shrimp and ancient squid, with their ink sacs still intact.
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Welcome Dr. Allison Wing

Dr. Allison Wing joined the EOAS faculty in January 2017. Before arriving at FSU, she completed a postdoctoral research fellowship at Columbia University’s Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory and received her Ph.D. from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Dr. Wing is an atmospheric scientist who studies tropical convection, tropical cyclones, and climate.

FSU Alum Alan Sealls NWA President-Elect

Alan Sealls, a FSU Meteorology alum (MS, 1987) was just elected president of the National Weather Association for 2018. Mr. Sealls has a record of distinguished service to his community, winning an Emmy for his work as a meteorologist at WMAQ-TV in Chicago and in his current position as Chief Meteorologist at WKRG in Alabama, he was awarded the Alabama Broadcaster’s Association’s “Best in Broadcasting” award.