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Alan Michels is in charge of ordering/handling all building keys for the EOAS department. Alan is located in the Carraway Building, Room 112. He may be reached by phone at 644-6862 or by email at

Policies and Procedures for requesting keys are as follows:

  1. Faculty must send an email to Alan giving authorization for the student to get a key to an office or building entrance/elevator by-pass key.
  2. Faculty or student must send Alan the student's email address, FSU Security Number (found on Blackboard), and the exact name as it appears on the FSU ID Card.
  3. Alan can then either disburse keys from his office, or will order the keys from the Key Shop.
  4. The Key Shop needs a 2-3 day turn-around time (and more for the Fall Semester). Please remember to take your FSU ID Card with you when you go to pick up keys.
  5. When returning keys, if your keys came from Alan, they need to be returned to him. If the keys came from the Key Shop, they need to be returned to the Key Shop and the Receipt needs to be given to Alan for credit for returning keys. Failure to complete this step may impede graduation.
  6. Key Shop Request Form:


EOAS vehicles, their scheduling and keys will also be handled by Alan Michels. Forms and a calendar are located in Room 112 Carraway and will need to be filled out and given to Alan for processing and scheduling. For more information on using the EOAS vehicles, refer to their policy pages.