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 There are 8 Geology vehicles:

# 1121999 Dodge 15 passenger vanLicense # 32678
# 1742001 Chevy 15 passenger vanLicense # 33209
# 5902000 GMC pickup, 1/2 tonLicense # 33017
# 9012005 Chevy pickup, 1/2 tonLicense # 39497
# 1561981 Dodge pickupLicense
# 3751994 Dodge 15 passenger vanLicense # 22937
# 7832003 Chevy Blazer 4x4License # 34414
# 2212010 Ford 15 passenger vanLicense # YD300



  • The sign-out calendar and keys are located in Room 108 of the Carraway Bldg
  • You must fill out a request form with Diane Grubbs or Dr. Tull to sign out a vehicle
  • Clearly print the driver's full name and contact phone number
  • Do not use markers; use an ink pen and write legibly within the lines, leaving space for other entries
  • Use the 3-digit vehicle number to indicate which vehicle you are reserving


  • You must have a valid driver's license
  • Record your name and the starting and ending mileage in the log book
  • If the vehicle breaks down, contact your professor


  • Refuel; do not leave the vehicle with less than 5/8 of a tank
  • Clean; do not leave the vehicle interior or cargo space dirty
  • Replace any seating that you may have removed
  • Verify that all lights, A/C and accessories are turned off
  • Remove and secure hitch and accessories if applicable
  • Return the vehicle to its assigned parking space and lock it up
  • Report vehicle problems to Alan at


  • Inside each vehicle there is a key for the gas cap lock, and a red key for operating the fuel pump
  • Fuel pumps are located in the facilities parking lot west of the Mendenhall Bldg. #77
  • After hours: not available. Refuel as soon as possible, i.e. the next day
  • At the pumps: insert the red square key into the pump control and follow the prompt
  • You will need to enter the mileage, so know it before hand
  • After fueling, make sure you lock the gas cap

In case of accident:

  • Contact the appropriate law enforcement agency (911 or FSU Police at 644-1234)
  • Refer to the Automobile Liability ID Card in the logbook
  • Obtain driver exchange information
  • Report accident to supervisor as soon as possible
  • Report accident to Environmental Health and Safety at 644-6895

updated 2/18/13