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Current Weather Data

This is a research repository, with links pointing to files containing recent observations and reports. These data are made available as a courtesy. As we are not a production data repository, we may occasionally suffer data or network outages. We do not archive data. For historical data, investigate the resources of the National Climatic Data Center. For further information on Florida climate and historical data, visit the Florida Climate Center.

NOTE: Downloads from this repository are subject to bandwidth and connection restrictions. During heavy use, downloads may be delayed or denied. If you are scripting downloads from this area, be sure to limit the number of simultaneous requests. A response code 509 will indicate a connection denied because the server’s connection limits have been reached; attempt the download again after some delay.

Recent Reports

Upper Air Data

Need a Blank Skew-T?

If you’d like to plot your own Skew-T/Ln P diagram from sounding data, you can download a nice blank form to doodle on.

Other Weather Links