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Loggerhead Sea Turtle
Fri, 2016/01/22 - 1:14pm

Animals, such as sea turtles, with temperature dependent sexual determination (TSD), in which their sex is determined by temperature during embryonic development, are predicted to experience an extreme sex ratio bias from projected global warming. To accurately understand the projected impacts from global warming, it is necessary to understand the sex ratio baseline in advance of climate change. To address this, FSU researcher  Dr.

Fri, 2016/01/15 - 8:32am

The Department of Earth, Ocean & Atmospheric Science (EOAS) at Florida State University invites applications for Postdoctoral Fellowships in the fields of solid Earth dynamics, isotope geochemistry, and arctic carbon cycling. Candidates should have completed their Ph.D. within the last four years or should expect to complete their degree requirements by time of appointment.

For complete information follow the link below.

Tue, 2016/01/05 - 10:45am

SOARS is a summer research internship for students interested in the atmospheric and related sciences based at the National Center for Atmospheric Research (Boulder, Colorado). The program provides multiple years of summer research, strong mentoring and community support.