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AIPG Geology Student Chapter of the Year
Tue, 2015/09/15 - 3:22pm

The AIPG Student Geology Chapter has been named Student Chapter of the Year for 2014-2015. The chapter earned the award by working hard to engage both students and faculty of Florida State University's Geology area in the hopes that it would foster connections for students to grow in their profession.

Wed, 2015/09/09 - 3:12pm

The Department of Earth, Ocean & Atmospheric Science regrets that we no longer offer the Certificate in Oceanography as described in the current FSU Graduate Bulletin. If you have questions about this program, please contact Michaela Lupiani (

Dr. Bill Landing at the North Pole
Tue, 2015/09/08 - 12:01pm
NOTE: FSU is represented on this research expedition by Prof. William M. Landing (EOAS), postdoctoral scientist Dr. Neil Wyatt (EOAS) and assistant scholar scientist Dr. Peter L. Morton (NHMFL). Dr. Landing is the co-chief scientist on the expedition.