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Marine Conservation

Conservation Planning, Natural Resource Management

Anthropogenic and Climate Change Impacts on Marine Mega-Fauna, especially Marine Turtles

The Biological Pump

Plankton Trophic Dynamics

The Balance of New and Export Production

Th-234 Flux

Biogeochemical Modeling

Phytoplankton Ecology

Antarctic and Tropical Oceanic Primary Production


Nutrient Acquisition by Phytoplankton

N2 Fixation by Cynobacteria

Biological Oceanography

Marine Ecosystem Dynamics

Marine Molecular Ecology

Benthic Ecology

Deep-Sea Coral Ecology

Conservation of Benthic Marine Invertebrates

Marine Microbial Ecology

Benthic Ecology

Ecology of coastal and shelf environments with emphasis on processes in the sediments and at the sediment-water interface.

Dr. Nancy Marcus

Dean, The Graduate School
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Dean of the Florida State University Graduate School

Benthic Ecology, Emergence of Primarily Benthic Organisms, Range sizes of Deep-Sea Species