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GFDI Student Seminar: Leah Rumanick

Tue, 2017/04/04 - 1:00pm
Leah Rumancik
Melvin Stern Seminar Room (18 Keen Building)

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Ocean Circulation via Bayesian Inversion and Markov Chain Monte Carlo


Abstract:  Recently, statistical models have become more prevalent in physical problems for their ability to incorporate a quantitative measure of uncertainty and to minimize the preprocessing and interpolation stage commonly associated with popular techniques. This presentation introduces how to construct a statistical circulation model around physical oceanography constraints. We start with basic physical properties and known tracer values to set up and parameterize an advection-diffusion equation. Unknown parameters in the equation are determined using a Bayesian inversion framework with an incorporated Markov chain Monte Carlo simulation. Here, we focus on finding the flow of a neutral density layer in the South Atlantic and demonstrate the potential of statistical models as a tool for a variety of oceanography problems.