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COAPS Short Seminar Series

Mon, 2017/06/05 - 11:00am
John Steffen, Russel Glazer, Qi Shi
COAPS 2nd Floor Research A

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Russel Glazer:  Ice versus Liquid water saturation in simulations of the India summer monsoon

Description:  A discussion of the issues and challenges of treating saturation in numerical models and observations will be provided. Then, the results from a model experiment in which we test two different ways to treat saturation above the freezing level is shown.


John Steffen:  Climatology of barrier layer development within tropical cyclone wakes using the Argo float network

Description:  The upper-ocean response to tropical cyclone (TC) passage in the Atlantic, Eastern Pacific, and Central Pacific basins is analyzed using Argo float profiles from 2000-2014. Barrier layer development is measured by pre-TC versus post-TC changes in barrier layer thickness (BLT, Isothermal layer depth - Isopycnal layer depth) and barrier layer potential energy (BLPE), both of which are influenced by the upper-ocean temperature and salinity structure. A statistically significant increase in BLPE occurs in the Atlantic basin, but not in either of the Pacific basins. Temporal and spatial BL characteristics are explored and physical mechansims leading to BL formation are proposed.


Qi Shi:  Atmospheric response to the two-way coupling of wind stress and ocean currents

Description:  We examine the atmospheric response to the ocean currents and wind stress coupling. It is found that ocean currents and wind stress coupling substantially changes the latent heat flux and sensible heat flux in the MABL. Moreover, a modest change of surface wind speed is observed over the Gulf Stream. We determine the contribution of physical processes to those changes using sensitivity test and momentum budget analysis.