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COAPS Short Seminar Series

Mon, 2017/05/01 - 11:00am
Siddartha Bishnu, David Zierden, Shawn Smith, Tracy Ippolito
COAPS 2nd Floor Research A

Event Details

Siddartha Bishnu:  Drain of Mesoscale Energy by Topographic Interaction

Description:  As part of my research project involving vortex-topography interaction as a drain of mesoscale energy, I have numerically solved a reduced set of the momentum equations in density coordinates for any topographic configuration. If the model is lineaized and the topography is reduced to a vertical wall, we get non-dispersive Kelvin waves trapped near the coast. In this talk, I will present a simulation depicting the propagation of these Kelvin waves and the extension of this linear model to a general topography.

David Zierden:  Drought, wildfires, and the onset of Florida’s convective rainy season

Description:  Most of peninsular Florida has been accumulating rainfall deficits since the start of the dry season in October. This has lead to the development of “moderate” and “severe” drought according to the US Drought Monitor. We will explore the climate patterns behind the developing drought, how it has impacted Florida’s wildfire season, and the prospects for relief in the coming two months.

Shawn Smith and Tracy Ippolito:  TBA