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COAPS Short Seminar Series

Mon, 2017/04/03 - 11:00am
Danielle Groenen, Chen Xu, Steven Morey
COAPS 2nd Floor Research A

Event Details

Danielle Groenen:  Weather precursors to the Mesoamerican rainy season
Description:  I will discuss three ways of defining the onset of the Mesoamerican rainy season from 1979- 2005 and how the Caribbean Low Level Jet and Monsoon Trough modulate the weather preceding the onset.

Chen Xu:  Machine Learning Application in Wind Stress Calculation
Description: In this study, I applied two machine learning methods to calculate wind stress over air-sea boundary. The results are compared with those from Modularized Flux Testbed (MFT). Wave information are well resolved in the new method and improved the wind stress accuracy.

Steven Morey:  Observations of Vertical Dependence of Currents near the Ocean Surface from Satellite-Tracked Drifters
Description:  Lagrangian trajectories from a new design of thin satellite-tracked drifters are analyzed to infer currents very near the ocean surface. Information about the vertical structure of near-surface currents is inferred from velocity estimates from drifters with different hull profiles or drogue depths, and other measurement methods.