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BS Seminar - Jacob Carstens

Fri, 2017/03/31 - 9:00am
Jacob Carstens
353 LOV

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TITLE:North Atlantic and Northeast Pacific Tropical Cyclone Intensity Comparison Using Integrated Kinetic EnergyABSTRACT:The Integrated Kinetic Energy (IKE) of the Tropical Cyclones (TCs) in the Northeast Pacific (NEP) basin is computed from the Extended Best Track Dataset from 2004-2013. Analysis of extreme terciles is conducted based on the IKE values of the TCs and compared with those of the North Atlantic (AL) basin.  Analysis reveals that large (small) IKE TCs in the NEP basin are generally in the open waters (closer to coast), have their genesis closer to equator (has more latitudinal diversity), have a more zonal motion of TC (meridional component of motion is significant), and prevalent in the later part of the season (no preferred time of the season). The comparison with the TCs of the AL basin reveals qualitatively similar characteristics of the extreme terciles based on their IKE values. However, there are salient differences in the IKE characteristics of TCs between the two basins, which are highlighted by the contrast in the rainfall volumes within the gale strength wind radii of the TCs. The TCs of the NEP basin carry much lower rainfall volumes than their AL counterparts, in addition to generally having lower IKE. Furthermore, we have developed a linear regression equation to predict the rainfall volume of the TC from its IKE value. This equation tends to predict rainfall volume reasonably well from IKE in a perfect prognostic approach, with some subtle differences in its performance between the two basins.