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Wang X, Xie G, Li Q, Qiu Z., Tseng ZJ, Takeuchi GT, Wang B, Fortelius M, Rosenstrom-Fortelius A., Wahlquist H. et al..  2011.  Early explorations of Quaidam Basin (Tibetan Plateau) by Birger Bohlin - Reconciling classic vertebrate fossil localities with modern biostratigraphy. Vertebrata PalAsiatica. 49
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Anderson JB, Warny S, Askin RA, Wellner JS, Bohaty SM, Kirshner AE, Livsey DN, Simms AR, Smith TR, Ehrmann W et al..  2011.  From the Cover: Progressive Cenozoic cooling and the demise of Antarctica's last refugium. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. 108(28):11356-11360.
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Chanton JP, Abichou T, Langford C, Hater G, Green R, Goldsmith D, Swan N.  2011.  Landfill Methane Oxidation Across Climate Types in the U.S.. Environmental Science Technology. 45(1)
Chanton JP, Abichou T, Langford C, Hater G, Green R, Goldsmith CD, Swan N.  2011.  Landfill Methane Oxidation Across Climate Types in the U.S. Environmental Science Technology. Environmental Science Technology. 45(1)
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Deng T, Wang X, Fortelius M, Li Q, Wang Y, Tseng Z J, Takeuchi GT, Saylor JE, Saila LK, Xie G.  2011.  Out of Tibet: Pliocene Woolly Rhino Suggests High-Plateau Origin of Ice Age Megaherbivores. Science. 333(6047):1285-1288.
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