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Deng T., Li Q., Tseng Z.J, Takeuchi GT, Wang Y., Xie G, Wang S., Hou S., Wang X.  2012.  Locomotive implication of a Pliocene three-toed horse skeleton from Tibet and its paleo-altimetry significance. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. 109(19):7374-7378.
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Goldsmith CD, Chanton JP, Abichou T, Swan N, Green R, Hater G.  2012.  Methane emissions from twenty landfills across the United States using Vertical Radial Plume Mapping. Journal of Air and Waste Management. 62
Goldsmith CD, Chanton JP, Abichou T, Swan N, Green R, Hater G.  2012.  Methane emissions from twenty landfills across the United States using Vertical Radial Plume Mapping. Journal of Air and Waste Management. 62
Lu Z, Deng Y, Van Nostrand JD, He Z, Voordeckers J, Zhou A, Lee Y-J, Mason OU, Dubinsky EA, Chavarria KL et al..  2012.  Microbial gene functions enriched in the Deepwater Horizon deep-sea oil plume. The ISME Journal. 6(2):451-460.
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Schenkel BA, Hart RE.  2011.  Conference Notebook: Potential Precursors to Tropical Cyclone Passage. Bulletin of the American Meteorological Society. (October)
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