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Students in the Earth, Ocean & Atmospheric Science department participate in several department-specific clubs and societies, as well as on intramural sports teams. They've also been known to field a pretty good soccer team as well.


Each year, Dr. David Thistle and Dr. Bob Ellingson host the Tsunami Golf Tournament - a tournament for faculty, staff and students, as well as significant others. Because of some unexpected absences, the teams were shuffled into  four teams of three people each.

The 2013 team winners were David & Anne Thistle and Phil Gillies at 7 under par.



Team 1 - Kevin Amrhein, Valerie Smith, and Phil Bamback


Team 2 - Tom Miller (FSU Biology), David Thistle, Anne Thistle, Phil Gillies

Team 3 -  Erin Easton, Bob Ellingson, Denise Ellingson

Team 4 - Bill Landing, and Evelyn (Bill's sister-in-law)


Geology Club Dinner, April 5, 2013

Salmonole Run - waiting for the start

Dr. Joel Kostak and Dr. Volodymyr Zharkov after the race

The indomitable Dr. Dewar!

Cedric Magen

Soccer Team