Deploying the GPS buoy and the boxes of wooden boats

GEOTRACES Arctic research cruise linked with “Float Your Boat,” an educational program that blends historic Arctic drift studies with modern GPS technology. Students from several schools built and decorated small wooden boats that are being deployed alongside satellite tracking buoys. When the ice will melts, the boats will float free in the Arctic Ocean. Anyone who finds a boat will be able to contact Float Your Boat with a date and location.  Buoy GPS tracking link.

AIPG Student Chapter of the Year

The AIPG Student Geology Chapter has been named Student Chapter of the Year by the American Institute of Professional Geologists. The students of this chapter earned the award by instituting a monthly colloquium event, assisting students in acquiring research internships, raising money through rock, mineral and fossil sales, and promoting geology to interested students.

Dr Bill Landing playing his sax at the North Pole

The Arctic GEOTRACES research cruise made history - their ship, the U.S. Coast Guard Cutter Healy, arrived at the North Pole Sept 5 - becoming the first U.S. surface ship to do so unaccompanied. The Healy's crew and science party, totaling 145 people, departed Dutch Harbor, Alaska Aug. 9, in support of GEOTRACES, a historic, international effort to study the geochemistry of the world's oceans. In an aside, Dr. Bill Landing has played his sax on every continent, including Antarctica!

Alexis Nielsen

Alexis Nielsen earned a BS degree in Geology in 2013, was honored with the Global Swede Award in Stockholm. Alexis is working toward her Master's degree in Geoecology at Umeå University. She is currently researching wastewater treatment techniques with algae and plans to pursue research at the doctoral level. While at FSU, she worked as a research assistant and helped produce vidoes for high school teachers demonstrating fun experiments to get students interested in science.  (photo credit: Swedish Ministry for Foreign Affairs)

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