Tropical Cloud Cluster

Dr. Allison Wing joined the EOAS faculty in January 2017. Before arriving at FSU, she completed a postdoctoral research fellowship at Columbia University’s Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory and received her Ph.D. from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Dr. Wing is an atmospheric scientist who studies tropical convection, tropical cyclones, and climate.

Alan Sealls

Alan Sealls, a FSU Meteorology alum (MS, 1987) was just elected president of the National Weather Association for 2018. Mr. Sealls has a record of distinguished service to his community, winning an Emmy for his work as a meteorologist at WMAQ-TV in Chicago and in his current position as Chief Meteorologist at WKRG in Alabama, he was awarded the Alabama Broadcaster’s Association’s “Best in Broadcasting” award.

High school students launch weather balloon

EOAS Professor Dr. Henry Fuelberg and doctoral candidate Tristan Hall brought their expertise and encouragement to high school science students on the Caribbean island of St. Maarten. The students launched a weather balloon containing  atmospheric sensors, video cameras and GPS tracking sensors. The project did not go off without problems though, and Dr. Fuelberg and Tristan helped the students stay positive and work through the issues. The project culminated with a successful launch, much data, and many happy students.

Virtual Reality Classes at FSU

EOAS Professors Bill Landing, Mike Stukel, Mariana Fuentes, Sven Kranz and Rob Spencer worked with Stephanie Dillon, director of freshman labs in the Dept. of Chemistry/Biochchemistry, have designed new virtual life classrooms for their students that allow them to learn essentially by playing in a 3-D virtual world. In the environmental science lab, students travel to Easter Island, the Great Barrier Reef, and drill ice cores in the Antarctic. Students create avatars, become the scientist, speak with each other and their professors.

Undergraduate Programs

Undergraduate degrees in geology, meteorology, and environmental science will prepare students for a variety of careers.

Graduate Programs

Graduate Degrees

We offer a wide variety of graduate programs designed to meet the career needs of our students in today’s changing marketplace.

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Help us enhance our program by making a tax-deductible contribution to the Department of Earth, Ocean & Atmospheric Science. Donations can be made as one-time gifts, as part of a memorial, or in honor of someone; as scholarships; or as an on-going bequest to the department.

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