Thawing Permafrost in Siberia

Carbon, held in frozen permafrost soils for tens of thousands of years, is being released as Arctic regions of the Earth warm and is further fueling global climate change, according to EOAS Professor Robert Spencer. He writes in Geophysical Research Letters that microbes are rapidly devouring the ancient carbon being released from thawing permafrost soils and ultimately releasing it back into the atmosphere as carbon dioxide.

Samira Daneshgar Asl, O'Brien Fellow for 2015

Samira Daneshgar Asl was named the O'Brien Fellow for 2015. She was recognized for academic excellence and for her research combining physical oceanography with remote sensing to investigate oil in the ocean. She recently published a paper on chronic oil releases in the coastal Gulf of Mexico and hopes to complete a dissertation that considers ocean transport of oil released from natural seeps and for the Deepwater Horizon. Samira came to FSU in 2011 to pursue studies in oceanography.

Arctic GeoTraces Study

This multinational, multi-icebreaker field effort will cover a large region of the Arctic Ocean and provide pan-Arctic data. It is unprecedented in regional scope and scientific breadth and will contribute to understanding of processes affecting Arctic Ocean ecosystems.

Caroline Johansen (Photo provided by Johansen and taken by a crew member of the R/V Pelican)

EOAS Biological Oceanography graduate student Caroline Johansen laughs when her family tells others that her research involves counting bubbles. But the bubbles she studies come from seeps at the bottom of the Gulf and contain naturally-occurring hydrocarbons that are an important part of the deep-sea ecosystem. (Gulf of Mexico Research Initiative)

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